Dr. Arthur Hong


I was a young man in Dallas, over 250 pounds, my neck was in excruciating pain, but I would NEVER see a chiropractor.
You see, my background is in science, and my dad is a medical doctor. I thought chiropractic was unscientific baloney.
I grew up with science. As a kid I was a fat nerd who was always sick.

I became a young computer scientist struggling with my weight. I had chronic insomnia, I was always tired, and when I got sick I would be laid out for 2 months at a time.

So I decided to start going to the gym. I was on the pulldown machine when I felt a burning intense pain in my neck. I suddenly couldn’t move my head. If I tried to move it in any direction, agony would flood my body.

I took some over-the-counter pain meds and they dulled the pain slightly, yet I was still in utter torment and couldn’t move my head.
I saw five different medical doctors who gave me prescriptions for pain medicine, muscle relaxers, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. I hated how that stuff made me feel and none of it fixed my problem. I then had cortisone injected into my neck, which actually made me worse.

My co-worker said I should see his chiropractor, and I told him, “NO WAY.”

A month later I saw a surgeon who imaged my neck, said my neck was unstable and that I had a disc herniation, and recommended I get a neck surgery called a microdiscectomy.

I was faced with a serious choice, and I decided to try my co-worker’s chiropractor. 

The chiropractor explained that discs don’t tear on their own for no reason. My neck was not unstable. My ruptured disc was a side effect of terrible posture and lack of motion in my spine. He explained that my spine had lost its natural springlike curves and was so stiff that my discs were constantly being pounded. He showed me pictures of discs that had healed over time under chiropractic care. 

He said that my brain orchestrates and communicates through my spinal cord with all my cells, muscles, organs, glands, and body systems.
And that if a nerve is squashed, nerve signals to and from that area will be impaired, and that miscommunication can occur. And that pain was not the enemy, but the body’s alarm signal that something is wrong.

He explained that chiropractic helps keep the spinal cord and the nerves that branch from it healthy. After ten visits I could move my neck again.
I thought I was doomed to live in agony for the rest of my life. But instead I started to live a normal life again. That was when I decided to become a chiropractor. I now know that the nervous system which controls every cell, muscle, gland, organ, and system is logical. It isn’t dumb, it isn’t random, and in fact it multitasks billions of activities at a time, with the intention of keeping you alive.

I’m in my forties now, and I love chiropractic more than ever. It is a beautiful discipline. I study it every day, I get adjusted 3 times a week, and I feel and function better than ever. It is my purpose in life to help your body heal itself and to function at its very best. I want to help you live the best life you possibly can.

Come visit me. 

Call me at 310-479-1166 and have a free consultation with me because I 
would love to help you.

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